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3D Generalist, Post-Production / Compositing / Motion Design Artist


Hi! For over 15 years I've been working professionally within both the production and post-production industry,
as a 3D / Maya Generalist, Motion Designer and Compositing Artist. I've gained experience having worked
in both full time and freelance positions for post-production houses, animation studios and advertising agencies.
The wide range of clients and projects vastly expanded my skills and toolset.


Here is a selection of the projects I’ve worked on.


The software I use primarily is Autodesk Maya (with Maxon Redshift renderer), Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.
I also use Nuke, Realflow, Mudbox and Houdini at intermediate or basic level depending on the project.
Scope of work I’m most experienced in: general 3D animation (from model to render), 3D motion graphics, video post-production / VFX / compositing
(including tracking, keying, rotoscoping, shot clean up).
I'm also an indie game developer with extensive knowledge of Unity game engine and programming (C#, PHP, MySQL).


I'm open for freelance job offers. Drop me your contact details and short job/scope-of-work description at:


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